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Morum City Apartments are located in two of the most beautiful cities of Greece, Athens, the capital of Greece with its long history, and Chania with its wonderful old town. History, culture, nice views and buildings are ideally combined in both cities that you will undoubtedly love. Athens is the best choice to experience a journey in the past and admire all the glories of ancient Greek culture. Chania is the place to get carried away in the magic of the old town and admire the different colours, scents and tastes that different cultures have left throughout time. Whatever choice you make, our hotels are definitely the best place to start exploring the city.

Athens | Morum Hotels & Apts


Athens owes its name to ancient goddess Athina, who was also the patron of the city. It is the capital of Greece and the heart of it. Its long and glorious history is everywhere to bee seen, having left its mark in its streets, buildings and landmarks. The past is still alive in Athens, waiting for you to discover the remains of ancient Greek culture and travel through time.

Start this fascinating trip from Athens Morum City Apartments Formionos, just minutes away from the heart of Athens and all its famous landmarks.

Chania, Crete | Morum Hotels & Apts

Chania, Crete

Chania is a city with a thousand faces. Scents, flavours, colours and sounds will carry you away the moment you arrive. The different cultures and rich history create a unique ambience full of enchanting experiences. Indulge your senses in every part of the city savouring its pictures, feelings and history. Especially in the summer, Chania is a city that never sleeps. Stroll along the old port and in the old city, relax or taste the local delicious cuisine.